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  1. pampa14

    Two first operational Gripen of the Brazilian Air Force are delivered

    Yesterday took off for the first time in Brazilian skies the first two series production F-39E Gripen fighters of the Brazilian Air Force. I share with you the largest and most complete report published on the arrival of fighter jets in Brazil, with tons of photos, maps, diagrams and much more...
  2. pampa14

    Brazilian fighter aviation: a timeline

    Today, the Brazilian Air Force's Saab F-39 Gripen E was officially unveiled. The link below presents an extensive and interesting article showing a timeline with all fighter aircraft already operated by the Brazilian Air Force, from 1941 to the present day. I read, enjoyed and share it here. I...
  3. pampa14

    Squadron Phoenix receives his second P-95 modernized

    Recently the Second Squadron of the Seventh Aviation Group (2º/7º GAv) of the Brazilian Air Force, located at AFB Florianópolis / SC, received its second aircraft (of a total of four) P-95 Bandeirante Patrol modernized, now designated as P-95BM. The link below provides a full report with photos...