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  1. dxb777

    Boeing 777

    Fotografii cool si informatii de la unul dintre pasagerii zborului-record Boeing 777-200LR "Worldliner" din 9-10 noiembrie 2005. The world's longest nonstop commercial aircraft flight was a blast - Airline Ratings
  2. dxb777

    Primul Boeing 777 ajunge in Arizona

    Cathay Pacific and Boeing announced today that they are donating the first-ever Boeing 777 airplane to the Pima Air and Space Museum in Arizona, one of the world’s largest facilities devoted to celebrating aerospace. The iconic 777-200 airplane (line number WA001 and registered B-HNL) will fly...
  3. dxb777

    Incident 777-300ER Singapore Airlines, zborul SQ368

    VIDEO VIDEO / 777-300ER Singapore Airlines cuprins de flacari, zborul SQ368 | Aeronews
  4. dxb777

    Incident Korean Air 777-300, motor in flacari - zborul KE2708

    VIDEO VIDEO / Motor in flacari, 777-300 Korean Air, zborul KE2708 | Aeronews