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  1. D

    Black Sea Defense and Aerospace –BDSA 2022

    Pentru amatori BDSA 2002 18-20 Mai https://www.aviatiamagazin.com/spectacole-aviatice/bsda-2022-incepe-pe-18-mai-la-bucuresti/?fbclid=IwAR3_m4a-q9XUDcFbNraVxxZ-ONGXCwS27MafSGy05hN-B62jGVIyz-a5890
  2. pampa14

    Helicopters in WW2

    The following link provides an interesting and full report with information and many photos about the use by the major military powers of helicopters during Second World War, undoubtedly, a rare theme and little explored in topics. The article can be viewed by visiting the link below: Aviação...