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  1. pampa14

    Mosquito and Cookies: A good combination?

    One of the most versatile aircraft of the RAF during WW2, the D.H.98 Mosquito was used to launch the big bombs of 4,000 lb, also called cookies. I share with you, the article below that shows some pictures of this unusual combination. According to the title, what is your opinion on using these...
  2. pampa14

    O armă curios

    Un raport interesant, cu unele fotografii curioase care arată o Spitfire a RAF transporta butoaie de bere sub aripile. N-am mai văzut asta. Poate cineva spune ce scopul de ea? Pentru a vedea aceste fotografii curioase și de necrezut, accesați linkul de mai jos: Aviação em Floripa: Um armamento...
  3. pampa14

    The British flying wing

    I share with you some photos, including a rare photo with markings of the Royal Air Force, of the experimental airplane Armstrong Whitworth AW-52. If the plane had entered service during World War II would have helped to anticipate the end of the conflict? Visit the link below, see the photos...