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Aeroflot (SU/AFL)


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Aeroflot intră în trend...



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This just in: Aeroflot semneaza o scrisoare de intentie (LOI) pentru inca 100 de SSJ 100 pe langa cele 49 pe care le are deja.

Livrari intre 2019 si 2026.
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Intre timp, in Rusia... Sukhoi Superjet underperforms due to a design flaw in the engines

Sukhoi's Superjet underperforms due to engine problems, customers complain. SSJ100s have been delivered to airlines since 2011, but so far they fly very little. The average flight time of the aircraft in Russia became 3.3 hours per day in 2017. The reason is the shortage and long delivery time of spare parts in case of breakdowns. The Embraer E170, which began to fly exclusively on short regional routes of S7 Airlines, flew last year around six hours per day. Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 family jetliners flew at an average of ten hours a day in the same period with the Russian carriers.


Stie cineva ce s-a intamplat cu AFL2035 OTP-SVO (01.08.2019)? Decolat, holding la FL 110 si aterizare pe OTP. Aeronava SU95.
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