Bucharest Henri Coanda International to inaugurate a new departure-checkin hall

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Nice pictures!
After opening, I hope to see many flights from OTP!
Thank you for info!
And here is a beautiful 360 HD aerial-clip of Bucharest Henri Coanda - OTP, where one can at least spot the "location" of the newest departure check-in hall, at the very right end of Tower's wing area as you watch it from the apron ... I think !? (relevant video timing - 0:15 min, 2:33 min, etc)

Facts about this brand new departure hall:

Cost 52 mil Euros, additional check in area 20,000 square meters, 52 new multipurpose customer service stations, 8 additional self check-in stations, overall increase in processing capacity to 4,500 pax/hour, 400 sm of additional retail-space (shops, restaurants, bar lounges) new business and VIP saloons, 244 additional stalls of public-parking.

And a few clips from inauguration ceremony