Capt. Claire Merouze, First French Female Rafale Fighter Pilot

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Feb 13, 2012

Capt. Claire Merouze, First French Female Rafale Fighter Pilot

Première femme pilote de Rafale:

La journée internationale de la femme est célébrée le 8 mars dans de nombreux pays. À cette occasion, Air Actualités a rencontré la capitaine Claire Mérouze, première femme pilote de Rafale.

International Women's Day is celebrated on 8th March in many countries. This was an opportunity for Air Actualités magazine to meet Captain Claire Mérouze, the first woman to fly the Rafale.
"Flying a Rafale one day was a dream that I shared with most of the students of the École de l’Air", tells us Captain Claire Mérouze. "Naturally, we would have been just as happy to fly the Air Force's other fighters." After six years of training, she graduated top of her class and was assigned to Saint-Dizier air base in late January 2012. Her dream was now within reach. As the first woman pilot of the Rafale, she then began her training with the Rafale 2/92 "Aquitaine" conversion squadron, before being assigned to fighter squadron 1/6 "Provence". "Even if you're top of the class, there's nothing to guarantee a place in a Rafale squadron: you also have to be a little bit lucky". ....