Carpatair accident at Craiova Airport on February 12, 2012

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Very interesting to read the comment of the Jet2 pilot flying twice weekly to CRA as a corporate charter for Ford:

always a thrill
By MPrinz on Thursday, Feb 16th 2012 09:48Z

Unfortunately I have to use this airport twice a week and found the conditions there to be very concerning. We are using a 737 and had 3 weeks ago quite a similar experience at the start. The airplane veered nearly of the runway apperently because of insufficient de-icing and subsequent problems with the brakes?!

The plane had to be inspected after that and the delay made it necessary to start in dark. Unfortunately the runway was "cleared" of the snow in a way that now left and right high snow banks were piled on top of the runway lights, so they had to be digged out one by one...

Many of the passengers decided to rather take a bus to Bucharest to take another plane after that.

Generally this airport is not very concerned about safety.
Pasengers have to walk/slide over the frozen taxi area to reach the plane and the start on the snow packed, very short, runway is always a thrilling and very bumpy ride.

I am not lookinf forward to next week, when my next flight will land there again....
Maybe the autonomy of the plane was a key player and/or the number of pax?!. A prop can not make this trip without to refuel, the smallest Jet2 has is 733.