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Apr 4, 2015
La 7,5 ani de la primul zbor, ARJ21 intra in serviciu: China’s Home-Built Passenger Jet Makes Debut

China’s first home-built passenger jet entered commercial service on Tuesday in a debut that is already a decade late and underscores problems in Beijing’s bid to become a global aviation player.

Aviation officials, executives and journalists were among the first passengers aboard the ARJ21 regional jet on the Chengdu Airlines flight, which departed the central city of Chengdu after some fanfare featuring ribbon-cutting and a posse of panda mascots. The plane landed in Shanghai just over two hours later, according to state media, which declared the flight a success.

Though touted as a homegrown Chinese product, the ARJ21 is influenced by the McDonnell Douglas MD-90 and relies heavily on foreign technology, including avionics from Rockwell Collins Inc., engines from General Electric Co. and a wing designed by Ukraine’s Antonov State Co.

Un aspect de luat in seama, mai ales in contextul socio-politic local:

The news agency, Xinhua, in reporting on the debut voyage cited complaints from the plane’s pilot about noise and vibration in the cabin. “The manufacturer has plans to make improvements and we hope that they can resolve the noise and vibration issues,” Xinhua quoted Chengdu Airlines Capt. Zhang Fangjie as saying.