Comac C919

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... la EASA se lucreaza deja la validarea testelor chinezesti in vederea airworthiness-ului ... anunt facut pe 27 aprilie la Shanghai de catre directorul executiv EASA, domnul ... Patrick Ky
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As avea putine emotii sa ma sui in avionul asta. Pana acum singura chestie chinezeasca care tine e virusul asta.
China held a ceremony on Thursday to certify its C919 narrowbody passenger jet, photos on social media showed, representing a major milestone in the country's ambitions to challenge Airbus (AIR.PA) and Boeing (BA.N) in commercial aerospace...
The type of certificate granted on Thursday means it can be delivered to the first customer, China Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd (600115.SS), though local media have reported the plane is unlikely to enter commercial service with passengers until next year...

Richard Aboulafia, U.S.-based managing director of AeroDynamic Advisory, said the plane seems like a relic of a bygone era of increasing integration between China and the West. "Thus, we have an aircraft that is only superficially Chinese but is actually powered by Western technologies and systems," he said. "Turning it into a genuine Chinese aircraft would take well over a decade and many billions of dollars." ...

Aboulafia said if China did decide to halt Western aircraft imports, the United States and allied countries could kill the C919 for years by prohibiting component exports.