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Croatia Airlines (OU/CTN)


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According to a local Croatian newspaper (Index) the situation at the country's national carrier seems to be going from bad to worse. According to their sources, the airline needs at least 150 million Kuna (20 million Euros) to remain operational for the next six months. In the first nine months, Croatia Airlines recorded a net loss of some 34.4 million Kuna.

The supervisory board estimates that 150 million Kuna is needed to remain operational but if they end up not paying their bills to their 'providers' then they will need around 70 million. Airline owns its maintenance department as well as two aircraft. However, they say that even if they sell those it wouldn't be enough to gather enough cash to pay their bills.

Index doznaje: Croatia Airlinesu prijeti stečaj


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desi a fost vazuta cu ceva scepticism ruta asta, OU continua operarea si în vara 2019 cu 3/7 si perioada extinsa de operare: 12.04-25.10


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Sunt in a treia poza. Unii amatori le-au publicat fara mentionarea sursei. Papagali.

"In 2018, 4179 de pasageri au calatorit intre Zagreb si Bucuresti, respectiv 4261 de pasageri intre Bucuresti si Zagreb. In total, intre cele doua capitale 8440 de pasageri au calatorit anul trecut, comparativ cu 5925 in 2017. In total, Croatia Airlines – membru Star Alliance din 2010 – a transportat 2.168.863 de pasageri in 2018, un numar record in istoria companiei."
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