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fly-ra 2017
Cei de la El Al vor zbura si cu 747 pe ruta TLV - BUD. Compania va avea 8 zboruri pe saptamana pe aceasta ruta.
Zborurile de dimineata vor fi efectuate cu aeronave de tip B738, zborurile din ziua de Marti vor fi efectuate cu B744, zborurile de joi si sambata seara vor fi efectuate cu B762.


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fly-ra 2017
"El Al Israel Airlines (LY, Tel Aviv Ben Gurion) is set to enter the Low Cost flight market with effect from March 2014. Initial routes will include Tel Aviv Ben Gurion to Budapest, Prague and Berlin Schönefeld. Cyprus and Greece have also been named as possibilities, though business routes such as London Heathrow and Frankfurt Int'l will not be affected, Jewish Business News reports. "If all goes according to plan, regular service to these destinations will be halted as early as Passover, and all ticket sales will be carried out within the low-cost program." The Israeli carrier says the move is necessary in light of the recent Open Skies agreement signed with the European Union which is expected to bring an enormous influx of budget airlines into the Israeli market. El Al intends to push ahead with plans to establish its own LCC using a fleet of five B737-800s but has yet to announce a launch date. The attempt is the airline's second; previous attempts to sell no-frills tickets at budget prices failed after three months when the initiatives failed to gain traction" aviation ch

Banuiesc ca pe OTP vor ramane ca pana acum .


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S-a lansat oficial UP !

With the Open Skies agreement already boosting low-cost competition, El Al on Tuesday announced the launch of its own low-cost carrier Up, which will begin flying to five European destinations as of March 30.
The carrier will offer up to 11 weekly flights to and from Tel Aviv and Berlin, Prague, Kiev and Budapest, and up to 6 weekly Larnaca flights. The former three will be priced starting at $99 each way, and the latter two starting at $69.



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7 August:
LY573 TLV-OTP 163 Pax (LF: 95%) B739
LY574 OTP-TLV 122 Pax (LF: 71%) B739
[doublepost=1442682690,1439188102][/doublepost]18 Septembrie:
LY573 TLV-OTP 147 Pax (LF: 85%) B739
LY574 OTP-TLV 89 Pax (LF: 51%) B739
LY573 TLV-OTP 177 Pax (LF: 78%) B763
LY574 OTP-TLV 50 Pax (LF: 22%) B763

LY mai vine pe OTP si pe 27 Septembrie cu 763, sa vedem cati Paxi vor fi.. dar mult mai interesante vor fi cifrele de B772 si B742!
[doublepost=1443016151][/doublepost]Wow.. azi (23 Septembrie), au fost anulate LY571/2 si LY573/4.. adica mi se pare, toate cursele de astazi TLV-OTP-TLV operate de El Al.. stie cineva de ce?


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24 Septembrie:
LY571 TLV-OTP 164 Pax (LF: 95%) B739
LY572 OTP-TLV 109 Pax (LF: 63%) B739
[doublepost=1443334330,1443187282][/doublepost]27 Septembrie:
LY571 TLV-OTP 124 Pax (LF: 54%) B762
LY572 OTP-TLV 142 Pax (LF: 62%) B762
[doublepost=1443778931][/doublepost]Prima bomba :) (următoarea pe 4 Oct)
LY573 TLV-OTP 187 Pax (LF: 67%) B772
LY574 OTP-TLV 236 Pax (LF: 84%) B772


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Ce e de remarcat este numărul mare de călători. Eram într-o zi în OTP şi pe tabelă erau 7 sau 8 zboruri spre TLV cu aproape tot atâtea companii.
Acuma măcar LY are cu ce suplimenta, ROT eventual cu 310 dar nu l-am prea văzut pe ruta asta. În rest W6 şi BMS numai eventual dacă nu suplimentează zborurile. De aici succesul LY.


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Maine vine B744 al El Al din nou la OTP pentru a opera cursa LY573/4.. va voi trimite cifrele :)

De asemenea, azi:
LY571 TLV-OTP 142 Pax (LF: 81%) B739
LY572 OTP-TLV 111 Pax (LF: 64%) B739
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fly-ra 2017
In mod normal macar una din cele doua curse are LF foarte bun.

El Al sunt foarte flexibili in ceea ce priveste echipamentul si il folosesc in functie de cerere.

Sa vedeti zboruri si LF in jurul Pastelui ortodox ...