Fokker 120 . The ressurection?

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Apr 20, 2012
Long-running plans to resurrect production of the Fokker 100 twinjet appear to be gaining momentum as the Netherlands Aircraft Company works on securing the financing and supply chain partners to launch the aircraft, dubbed the F120NG.
“We are not going to give a timetable or timeline at this stage, but the fact that we are sharing more details here at Farnborough demonstrates we are confident the funding is imminent and the project will make significant steps in the coming few months,” chief executive Maarten Van Eeghen tells Flightglobal.
The plan is to produce a new-build 125- or 130-seater that is a stretch of the basic Fokker 100 design, says chief engineer Rudi den Hertog. The only physical change to the airframe are to the wing, which will feature slightly more span, winglets and some “tweaks” to the wing profile.

The F120NG will be powered by Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower PW1X17G, which is essentially the same engine that has been developed for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet and is rated at 17,600lb thrust. Netherlands Aircraft Company has worked with P&W on the F120NG project and the engine maker has signed off the engine-airframe integration, says den Hertog.
Mating P&W’s geared turbofan with the lightweight Fokker 100 airframe produces a competitive aircraft in this size category that burns 50% less fuel per seat than the original F100, claims Netherlands Aircraft Company. “The aircraft is uniquely positioned, complementing the Airbus and Boeing fleets, covering the entire 90 to 150-seat segment with the lowest seat mile and trip cost,” says Van Eeghen...

Final assembly of the F120NG will take place in the Netherlands. Discussions with potential suppliers are taking place at the Farnborough air show, says den Hertog. A nacelle supplier has been selected but not announced, and talks are under way with two avionics suppliers.
The earliest the F120NG could enter service is 2019, based on a five-year development and testing programme from when it obtains the official go-ahead.

Detalii si specificatii pe pagina oficiala a producatorului :
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Hehe, Rekkof mai promitea si acum 10 ani reluarea productiei si tot o idee mareata la stadiu de desen a ramas.

Fokker e mort si ideea asta cu F120 e o timpenie. sunt suficiente motive sa nu aiba nici o sansa:

- compania respectiva nu a reusit sa produca F100 din nou, daramite sa proiecteze ceva nou
- in piata respectiva sunt deja 3 producatori- E-Jets, C-Series, Sukhoi, pe o piata limitata, toti oferind familii cu variante in sus sau in jos, dar nu un singur produs
- nu vor avea piata in USA pt scop clause, in Europa vor fi prea mici pt piata lasata libera de 319
- lasst but not least - turbofanurile de tip NEO au diametre mult mai mari - ma indoisc ca astia or sa poata proiecta asa ceva sau va iesi un Fokker A-10 ?
Si eu cred ca sunt sanse destul de mici insa,mi-as dori sa reuseasca .
Sansele sunt zero.

Sekhoi nu se vinde , desi are partial tehnologie de la Alenia, C-Series asa si ca nema bani.
Si parca vor mai aparea in acelasi segment si MRJ, se mai aude ceva cand ar intra pe piata?
MRJ e mai mic.. comparabil mai degraba cu E170-175 si CRJ 700/900..

Cica la anul sa fie primul zbor..da rdeocamdata nu au facut nimic.,
1) Rekkof (NAC) nu au banii necesari, si nici bilantul contabil care sa le permita sa acceseze finantarea dezvoltarii unui asemenea program
2) Rekkof (NAC) nu au drepturile intelectuale asupra numelui Fokker, detinute de Stork NV (firma controlata de private-equity-ul Candover)
3) cum mentiona si oldblueeyes ceva mai sus: aceasta categorie de aparate nu a prea fost sustinuta de piata. vinzarile de 737-600 & a318 nu au fost tocmai glorioase, in asteptarea MRJ-ului si a seriei E2, SSJ este singurul inlocuitor operational al vechii generatii de hundred-seaters (F100, Avro146, CRJ)... iar vinzarile de SSJ sint nici-nici, cu un order-book de 122 aparate...
4) din pacate, cred si eu ca F120 o sa ramina acolo unde este: pe pagina internet a lui NAC...
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