INMAS Easa Class 1 Initial

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Jul 1, 2021
Hello folks,

I am a young enthusiast from Turkey.

This is my first thread, sorry for my mistakes in advance.

I will be in INMAS for my EASA initial class 1 examination next week. I searched the forum and different websites but I couldn't find any English information about the hospital and previous experiences of candidates.

That would be appreciated if you provide some info about your general examination experiences in INMAS. I will also send another post under this thread after my examination about my day in there.

Wish you a good day.
The current fee for the Initial Class 1 examination is 1120 lei for men. For women, the price may be slightly higher as women will see 1-2 more departments. You are taken to the hospital at 7.30 am. After making your entrance and paying the money, you'll give blood and urine samples. So, it is important not to have breakfast in the morning and drink plenty of water. Then you visit those departments: Surgery (The doctor takes your height and weight and looks at your overall physical condition. It takes 5 minutes max), X-ray, neurology (again, a general reflex examination that takes 5 minutes at most), mental health (a short conversation about your medical history and Your drug test result is being evaluated. It takes 10 minutes at most), ECG - spirometry, ophthalmology (eye examination is relatively longer, it takes 15 20 minutes) and audiometry. Each department stamps your paper and adds its comments on it. After all tests are completed, you go to the secretaries and get your license. I entered at 7.30 am and got my license at 12 pm. If there is a queue in a section, my advice is to visit the other sections that are not queued. This way you can save time. Doctors and nurses are really helpful. You don't need to be nervous. Good luck.
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