Internet Outraged After Woman Posts Photos From Cockpit

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Feb 12, 2012
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Din cauza astora nu mai "pupam" noi jumpseat.

In what sounds like a horrible (and genius) pick-up line, a Cathy Pacific airline pilot is catching heat after inviting an attractive passenger to sit in the cockpit as he flew the plane.

We’re not joking.

The passenger, Ada Ng, was traveling from Taipei to Hong Kong on Feb.26 when she received the enticing invitation. According to reports, Ng was assigned to sit in the business class jump seat (a seat usually reserved for off-duty crew or their family), but when she boarded, there was no where to sit. “My flight was full. Even seats reserved for employees were all taken,” she wrote on her Weibo microblog. “Fortunately the pilot was so nice and even let me sit on the seat behind him!

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