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Incident LH1360‬


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Lufthansa flight #LH1360 flown ‪ by a Bombardier Aero CRJ700 landed on a closed runway that is still under construction at Katowice Airport in Poland.
No one was hurt during this incident but the return flight to Frankfurt Airport was cancelled.
As there are no taxiways built to the new runway the aircraft will have to depart from the same runway that can be seen on right side on the picture.




Dumitru Fabian

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Nu pot sa inteleg cum a fost posibil, cat de chiori sa fi fost ambii piloti, si pe lumina s-a intamplat nu noaptea....


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Poate s-au gandit ca x-ul e punctul unde trebuie sa puna rotile jos. Un fel de semnalizare primitiva :)