Molecular screens a safety measure

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Sep 26, 2016
romania bumbesti jiu
Pressurisation is a need for commercial fight but it is thread for airframe in matter of aging and bombing, oxigen candles are dangerous and offer a limited supply.

Molecular screen is a cheap and light medical stuff that can supply entire oxigen need for cabin unlimited time if still one engine is running, if no engine is running the plane falls and no oxigen supply is needed for passengers becuse falling time is short, only pilots need oxigen and they allready have it.

Molecular screen is ligter than oxigen candles and supply continously on runninig engine, is harmeless no risk of chemical fire is envolved.

Captain can decide continuing flight on molecular screen in case of a pressurisation incident, but sistem can be automated to maintain oxigen pressure at a preset level despite human action.

If captain is enforced by therorism to depressure he, she, can continue safely on molecular screen no diverting is needed.