Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG/LFPG)

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In iunie sunt prezent la CDG. Daca e cineva in zona in perioada respectiva, sa ridice doua degete.
Stiti cumva care e traba cu scannerle in Franta? Legale vs ilegale.
Azi am tras can 1000 de cadre la CDG, in doar 4 ore.
Highlight un Mirage (ne va zice Octavian de care) a tras un low pass peste 27R + afterburner.
Pozele urmeaza, momentan ma pregatesc de impachetare, maine ma nut in alt hotel.
Şi eu :)

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FYI (source

[CDG/LFPG] & [LBG/LFPB] New delivery of prefectoral pass dedicated to planespotters as per 01NOV12. Old passes will expire on 01NOV12 and all new passes issued will be valid for 2 years.

As from 01NOV12, you will be supposed to show a new planespotter prefectoral pass delivered by French authorities during military or police patrol control around Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle & Le Bourget airports. This new pass will be nominative with a photography and will replace the old one!

If you want to get your pass, you must send by post the following documents :
Copy of ID or passport
A passport photo
Your full name
Your full address

To this following French address :

Service du Préfet chargé des aéroports de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle et du Bourget
A l'attention du Commandant de Police Xavier HUBY
Mersi de info.
Inca un pic si se ajunge ca la LROP cu training antitero :)