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Accident Pegasus B738 at Istanbul on Feb 5th 2020, overran runway, impacted wall, broke up


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A Pegasus Boeing 737-800, registration TC-IZK performing flight PC-2193 from Izmir to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen (Turkey) with 171 passengers and 6 crew, landed on Sabiha Gokcen's runway 06 at 18:20L (15:20Z) but overran the end of the runway, impacted the airport perimeter wall and broke into three parts about 170 meters/550 feet past the runway end. An engine, that had separated, caught fire. As of current rescue and recovery works are in progress, the engine fire was quickly extinguished. 120 people were taken to hospitals with injuries.

Istanbul's governour reported 52 people were taken to hospitals with injuries, including all 6 crew members. In the later evening (19:20Z) the governour reported 120 people were taken to hospitals, efforts to free people still trapped inside the aircraft are still ongoing.

Turkey's Transport Ministry reported there were 177 people on board, there was no loss of life. The aircraft landed hard, went off the runway and got stuck in land.

Local Media report people may still be trapped inside the aircraft. (Feb 5th 2020 17:15Z)

The airline reported their aircraft TC-IZK flying from Izmir to Sabiha Gokcen suffered a runway excursion on landing. So far there has been no loss of life been reported, injured have been taken to hospitals. Information will continue.

According to Mode-S data transmitted by the aircraft the aircraft landed long and hot, 1500 meters before the runway threshold the aircraft was descending through 950 feet MSL (corrected for local pressure, actual Mode-S reading 1500 feet)/661 feet AGL at 194 knots over ground, touched down about abeam taxiways T/F (about 1950 meters/6400 feet past the threshold, about 1000 meters/3300 feet before the runway end) at about 130 knots over ground, overran the end of the runway at about 63 knots over ground veering slightly to the left (last transponder transmission), hit the localizer antenna runway 06, went over an airport road and a cliff and impacted the airport perimeter wall.
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