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Accident PK8303 prabusit


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Crash: PIA A320 at Karachi on May 22nd 2020, impacted residential area during final approach

By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, May 22nd 2020 10:30Z, last updated Friday, May 22nd 2020 11:32Z
A PIA Pakistan International Airlines A320-200, registration AP-BLD performing flight PK-8303 from Lahore to Karachi (Pakistan) with 90 passengers and 8 crew, had aborted the approach to Karachi due to problems with extension of the landing gear and performed a go around. While on second final approach the crew declared Mayday repeatedly reporting they had lost both engines. Tower cleared the aircraft to land on either runway 25 (25L or R). The aircraft lost height and impacted a residential area called Model Colony, featuring concrete multistorey buldings on second final approach east of the aerodrome (presumably while on final approach to runway 25L) and burst into flames at about 14:37L (09:37Z). On the ground five multistorey houses are being reported to have been de-roofed and set ablaze, debris is distributed over the streets.

Rescue and recovery services are on their way to the crash site.

Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority have declared emergency for Karachi Airport.

The airline reported the aircraft carried 90 passengers and 8 crew. So far no information is available whether there are survivors. Saying anything more would be premature.

The aircraft was scheduled to land at 14:45L (09:45Z).​

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