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Pobeda (DP/PBD)


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Russian Airline Says ‘Thanks, Now We’re Suing You,’ After Newspaper Lampoon
Low-cost Russian airline Pobeda is to sue the Novaya Gazeta newspaper for a satirical article comparing their flights to a gameshow.

The piece, based on the personal experiences of journalist Anastasia Egorova, challenged readers to battle through the seven levels of the Pobeda “quest” by booking tickets, boarding, and surviving the flight itself.
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O alta gafa a unei companii ,dar nu la magnitudinea UA ,plus ca masurile au fost luate rapid:
The Pobeda low-cost airline barred a child with cerebral palsy and his mother from boarding a flight to the city of Yekaterinburg, sparking outrage. The company has since dismissed the employee responsible for the incident.
The problem started when a mother with her disabled child wanted to fly from Moscow to the Russian city of Yekaterinburg in the Ural region on April, 14. Though the company was informed about their special passenger in advance, they were denied registration just before the flight...
Nevertheless, the airline decided to dismiss the head of ground service due to his “incompetence in organizing the work process at the Vnukovo airport,” as he “should have done his best to ensure the boarding for the passenger with a child.” The company is carrying out a “thorough investigation” into the situation and, apart from the dismissal, plans to issue special guidelines for taking care of disabled passengers.
Mother with disabled 2yo denied boarding by low-cost Russian airline, sparking outrage
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