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Questions regarding PPL in Romania


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Buna ziua tuturor,

Am sa vorbesc în engleză fiindcă este mai ușor pentru un mesaj așa de lung. Mulțumesc pentru înțelegerea!

I just registered here and I am happy to join this community. I am French, and after having lived in France and in Canada, I moved to Cluj 2 years ago, as I been recruited as a tenure teacher of piano at the Academy of Music GH Dima.

I pursued a passion for airplanes and flying since my very young age , and I started training for the PPL years ago, in France, on C152, PA-28 and DR400 at Chelles le Pin (near Paris) and Cannes Mandelieu. I flown 23 hours, solo flights, solo short navs, and all kind of manoeuvres and situations with instructor. I went on and succeed the theoretical BIA (in French the Brevet d'initiation Aéronautique, a sort of middle step in the course of the PPL). Unfortunately, many things happened then in my life and I was unable to pursue.

I would really like to resume my training for the PPL. I have kept my passion for flying and theoretical knowledge intact since, and so I am questioning about the possibilities existing here in Romania. I have contacted the aeroclub Traian Darjan to get some infos, and I have been a bit disappointed when they told me I have to start again from the very beginning, 0h on a new logbook until the minimal 45h in order to qualify for the examination + 100h of theory, which sounds not flexible at all in term of organization (1st the theory, then flying, while in France we usually practiced both together...). Another instructor told me he needs to check if my past experience could be taken into account, administratively speaking but didn't hear anything new since.

I am a bit lost regarding the modalities of going for a PPL here, and I really would like to hear more precise infos.
- What are the different schools / aeroclubs? I know about the Aeroclub Romaniei which enclose several schools. Are there others more flexible?
- Is it possible to modulate the theory, or go to the exam by myself (meaning, prepared on my own)?
- Globally, thinking after the PPL, how much cost the landing taxes in România? I can't find a clear info about this, I read somewhere it costs between 300-800euros (which seems totally incoherent for general aviation), and read somewhere else that it costs about 20-30euros. It changes the deal a lot...

In conclusion, I aim a PPL for the sole pleasure of it, not as a step in an aeronautical career, but for the pleasure of travelling, of taking my family for a journey or a simple local ride.

I hope I can read from you soon!
Thank you in advance for your kind help.
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In Cluj there might be a private option soon.
The people at the airclub explained the easiest way for them (paperwork wise).
If you still have a logbook that is valid, there might be a chance for you to use the previous hours.
DM me and we can chat more either online or offline.
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fly-ra 2017
If you are able to fly from Brasov, I highly recommend Transylvania Wings, try to contact them, I'm sure they will try to work something out.
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Thank you! It is a bit far from Cluj, but who knows...

I will pay a visit to the Aeroclub României of Târgu Mureș next week, see their fleet, and ask around if we might take into account my logbook.