Relaxare privind viza pentru Rusia

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Apr 20, 2012
Vesti foarte bune!
We have some great news for those looking to book a Wizz Air flight to visit St Petersburg. The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently introduced an on-line visa application system (“E-visa”) that makes applying for a visa quick, easy and free - if you’re a national of one of the countries on their list.
If you are a citizen of Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, or Spain, with an E-visa you can now more easily book your Wizz Air trip to visit St Petersburg.

If you are a national of one of those countries now you no longer need any sort of invitation letter to visit Russia, nor do you need to visit a consulate; just fill out the online form! Best of all, your E-visa is FREE.
E-visa’s are issued within 4 calendar days, after which you can book your WIZZ flight to St Petersburg. The E-visa is valid for 30 days and lets you stay in Russia for 8 days intotal.
For your trip, all you have to do is print out or download to your mobile device a notification that you’ll need to show, both when checking in to your Wizz Air flight and to a border service officer.

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Degeaba dacă încă nu avem cursa directa spre Sankt Petersburg! Oricum e un lucru bun de știut pentru cei ce vor sa viziteze orașul!

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Dar presupun ca prevederea se aplica oricarei persoane care vrea o viza turistica pentru Rusia, indiferent de orasul in care calatoreste sau modalitatea de calatorie.