RIA Novosti: Sukhoi Compensates Aeroflot For SSJ-100 Downtime

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Sukhoi Compensates Aeroflot For SSJ-100 Downtime

Russian aircraft maker Sukhoi has paid unspecified compensation to the nation's largest airline, Aeroflot, for periods of unserviceability in the company's new Sukhoi Superjet 100's, Vedomosti business daily reported on Tuesday, quoting Aeroflot sources.
Aeroflot officials made various complaints concerning operation and servicing of the medium-haul plane at a recent Federal Air Transport Agency meeting. The airliners have flown 2,381 hours compared to a planned 3,200 hours and daily flight time was on average 3.9 hours compared to an industry standard of eight or nine hours.
Aeroflot Deputy Chief Engineer Konstantin Mokhna told the paper that the downtime was owing to technical problems and delayed delivery of component parts. Sukhoi also previously had to pay Aeroflot compensation for late deliveries, after the airline received its first SSJ-100 three years later than the contracted date.
Aeroflot is the largest SSJ-100 customer with a total order for 30 airliners, of which six have been delivered.