Incident Small Planet Airlines at Birmingham

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Well-Known Member
Jun 3, 2014
Washington, DC
Small Planet Airlines flight S5 3260 from Paderborn (Germany) to Birmingham (United Kingdom), operated by Airbus A320 (registration SP-HAI) ran off the taxiway after landing in Birmingham Airport and stopped on the grass. All 98 passengers safely disembarked the aircraft and no injuries for passengers and the crew.
The aircraft had landed on runway 33 and was taxiing to the apron at the time of the incident.

Weather about the time of the incident (13:11 Z):
EGBB 211320Z 25012G22KT 210V290 9999 BKN018 14/11 Q1005
EGBB 211250Z 25014KT 220V280 9999 BKN018 14/11 Q1006