Transaero Airlines (UN/TSO)

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Transaero a comandat 6 Sukhoi Superjet 100. Livrarile vor incepe in 2015.

Transaero, one of Russia's largest airlines, will buy six Sukhoi Superjet 100 planes for short-haul domestic flights, Transaero’s deputy head, Dmitry Stolyarov said on Friday.
The planes, each worth of $35.4 million, will be used for short-haul domestic flights and will be delivered starting from 2015, Stolyarov said.
“This purchase is a response to a growing demand for regional flights in Russia,” Stolyarov said, adding that the aircraft is expected to operate in Transaero’s St.Petersburg hub and its Far Eastern hub in the city of Khabarovsk.
The aircraft developer, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, confirmed ongoing negotiations with Transaero but refused to give further details.
“Transaero expressed interest in buying our planes but we cannot comment on the number of jets that are expected to be sold,” Sukhoi Civil Aircraft’s spokesman Andrei Muravyev said.
The deal is Transaero’s third biggest purchase to date. In October 2011, the carrier signed a $1.5 billion agreement with the European Airbus consortium to buy four A380 aircraft. Deliveries will start from the fourth quarter of 2015.

In November, the $1.3 billion deal with the U.S. Boeing made Transaero the first airline in Russia, the CIS and East European countries to operate the long-haul wide-body Boeing-747-8.
Superjet 100 is a medium-haul passenger aircraft developed by Sukhoi in cooperation with U.S. and European aviation corporations, including Boeing, Snecma, Thales, Messier Dowty, Liebherr Aerospace and Honeywell.
The aircraft is capable of carrying up to 100 passengers for up to 4,500 kilometers.

Sursa: RIA Novosti
Conform ATW, Transaero Airlines reintroduce cursa, 2X saptamanal, pe ruta Moscova (DME)–Los Angeles (LAX), incepand cu 29 Aprilie. Devine a treia destinatie UN in SUA.
Au primit si un 747-400. Cred ca este prima aeronava 747-400 in flota lor.
Boeing 747 -446 27646 1280 EI-XLJ Transaero ferried 26feb12 MLB-RME, N-reg prior delivery ex N922UN
Pe wiki scrie ca eu 12. Am gafat-o bine, cred ca m-am uitat la 777-200.
Incep sa am dubii in legatura cu datele de pe wikipedia.
Aeronava noua, ex MAH
Boeing 737 -7Q8 29354 1581 EI-EUY ILFC seen regd at SNN 05mar12, basic Malév cs, for Transaero (+ 29359/1659 EI-ETX ex HA-LOS ex HA-LOP
Inca una?
Boeing 737 -8Q8 32797 1287 EI-ETZ ILFC seen regd at SNN 08mar12, Malév cs ex HA-LOC
Transaero lanseaza, din 28APR12, ruta Moscova Vnukovo – Tel Aviv, cu o frecventa 7/7, ruta deservita de aeronave B737-500 aircraft.


UN305 VKO0820 – 1145TLV 735 5
UN315 VKO1500 – 1805TLV 735 6
UN315 VKO1530 – 1920TLV 735 x56

UN306 TLV1250 – 1800VKO 735 5
UN316 TLV1905 – 0015+1VKO 735 6
UN316 TLV2030 – 0140+1VKO 735 x56

Sursa: airlineroute
Cred ca e ultima oara cand vedeam aeronava aceasta cu informatii care indica trecutul ei:
Boeing 737 -7Q8 29355 1609 EI-EUZ Transaero in full colours at SNN 26mar12 prior delivery ex HA-LOR
Boeing 737 -85P 28388 533 EI-RUE Transaero ferried 31mar12 EMA-BUD, EC-reg after paint prior delivery ex EC-HKQ
Gata vopsit si bun de livrare.
Boeing 737 -7Q8 29352 1491 EI-EUX Transaero in full cs at SNN 02apr12 prior delivery ex HA-LOL
Se duce si HA-LOS
Boeing 737 -7Q8 29359 1659 EI-ETX Transaero in full colours 17apr12 at SNN after paint prior delivery ex HA-LOS
Boeing 737 -7Q8 29355 1609 EI-EUZ Transaero delivery 25apr12 SNN-DME ex HA-LOR
Boeing 737 -7Q8 29354 1581 EI-EUY** Transerao in full colours 24apr12 at SNN prior delivery ex HA-LOP
Boeing 767 -3Q8 29387 840 EI-RUY Transaero ferried 22apr12 CHR-BUD, EC-reg after paint prior delivery ex EC-HSV
Boeing 747 -446 27646 1280 EI-XLJ Transaero delivery 12may12 MLB-LED ex N922UN
B744 9V-SPQ (28025) made an acceptance flight from/to Singapore in Transaero scheme on 5/6 & will become EI-XLO.
B738 EI-RUG (28610 ex EC-HHH, EI-DIS, VT-SJF) had entered service by 28/5.
B738 EC-HKR (28536) has bcome EI-RUF for Transaero & was delivered from Budapest to Vilnius on 5/7.
B744 EI-XLN (28029 ex 9V-SPP, N747JV) was delivered from Rome, NY to Moscow/Domodedovo on 9/7.
B738 EI-RUC (30494 ex ET-ANA) was delivered from Belgrade to Moscow/Domodedovo on 14/7.
Criza rublei loveste serios si Transaero :
MOSCOW, December 21. /TASS/. Russia’s second largest airline, Transaero has turned to the government and to creditors for aid...
“Olga Pleshakova, the Director General of the airline informed state agencies in the first half of December Transaero was running the risk of a suspension of flights as early as prior to the New Year,” a source familiar with Pleshakova’s letter to the government said. “She said the airline didn’t have the money to pay to its agents.”
The letter said among other things that airline had accumulated an overdue debt to suppliers of jet fuel by the end of November. Specifically, it owed 2.5 billion rubles (around $ 60.7 million by the then exchange rate) to the oil corporation Rosneft and almost 2.0 billion rubles ($ 48.5 million) to Gazprom Aero company.
Also, Transaero had an outstanding debt to Moscow’s Vnukovo airport...

Devaluation of the ruble sharply deteriorated the economic position of Russian airlines. Vladimir Tassun, the president of the Association of Air Transport Operators said last week the aggregate losses of Russian airlines might hike six-fold upon the results of 2014 versus the previous year and reach 30 billion rubles /$ 728 million/.
As one of the causes of this situation, he pointed to a downhill devaluation of the ruble that dealt a blow to the airlines’ economic standing, given the fact they had to pay for the leasing of their jets
transaero inca mai are o buna sansa... atingind o talie critica de 102 aparate si zburind cu un lf de 75-80% au devenit cam too-big-to-fail ... de unde si balonul de oxigen pe care i l-au oferit vtb & gazprombank ... este o companie relativ sanatoasa dpv financiar, cu rute bune & servicii ok (cabin-crew format la airfrance si flightcrew la united)... sansa lui transaero este ca au si incasari destul de bune in valuta.
utair stau ceva mai prost. desi au cam acelasi numar de aparate ca si transaero (98), risca sa ia calea lui moskovia, bylina, polet.
utair este si un foarte mare operator de elicoptere (eminamente domestic, cu vreo 180 aparate in operare) - si zboara majoritar in spatial ex-sovietic ... cite putin prin asia si oriental mijlociu. nu destul incit sa aiba cine stie ce incasari in valuta...
drama companiilor aeriene rusesti este ca au cea mai mare parte a incasarilor in ruble - dar majoritatea costurilor op in valuta: leasing, asigurari, mentenenta... operatorii aerieni rusi sint prinsi pe invers in devalorizarea rublei. sanctiunile asupra sistemului financiar rusesc nu prea permit companiilor locale sa cumpere valuta forward, in asa fel incit sa faca fata devalorizarii.
vor supravietui cei ce au o buna gestiune a cash-ului (transaero e un exemplu) - si cei ce au conexiunile necesare pentru a beneficia de un pachetel de craciun de la govern: transaero este iarasi un bun exemplu... guvernul va acoperi cele 109.2 milioane usd pe care transaero le are la rosneft, gazpromaero, si la aeroportul vnukovo...
criza asta va permite o miscare de consolidare a pietii rusesti - ceea ce nu e rau...
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