Incident UTair Aviation 767-300 NEAR MISS and GO AROUND at Barcelona-El Prat

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Dumitru Fabian

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Jan 4, 2013
Published on Jul 6, 2014
Yesterday, early in the morning...What you see is what happened.

An UTair Boeing 767-300 (VQ-BSX) incoming from Moscow as UT5187 and Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 (LV-FPV) were involved into what could be the bigger disaster of Barcelona Airport.

The Utair 767 was about to land on Runway 02 while the Argentinas was crossing the runway.

By the time russian pilots sights Argentinas (they were taxiing to Holding point of RW25R for take-off) on runway while they were on final approach, they do their best making an impressive and close go around.

After that incidence the plane landed safely on runway 02, and the Argentinas took-off heading Buenos Aires

Hopefully nothing happened and I can say I'm alive.

I hope you enjoy the video, Greetings from BCN,
Miguel Ángel.

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Ce e chestia neagra care apare intre 0:34 si 37 deasupra E-ului din Skyteam pe avionul argentinian? N-as crede ca e varful wingletului.
eu as fi zis ca e the right winglet tip. Altceva nu are ce sa fie...:bookworm:
Incident este destul de grav, insa cum zic si cei de la AENA, aeronava putea sa continue aterizarea. Pana punea jos trenul, Airbuzu elibera pista.
In acelasi timp, sunt curios cine a gresit?
- Holding Point e Holding Point.
- Copilotul a raportat "right is clear" in momentul in care intrau pe pista?
- ATC le-a dat clearance via K,E,D,M,N,T, S cross rwy 02? sau nu l-ea mai zis nimic de 02. Daca nu a zis nimic de 02, e grav.

Filmuletul a fost preluat de mai toate site-urile din domeniu, insa la noi a inceput senzationalul "Catastrofa evitata in ultimul moment". Astept sa ajunga si la tembelizor, acolo va fi dezastru ;)
Nu neg, putea sa se intample ceva foarte grav, insa totul este o iluzie optica. UTair nu este chiar asa de aproape de Aerolíneas Argentinas.
Chiar daca se scrie "Taxiways K,E,D,M,N,T and S thus usually can be used without observing the holding points protecting runway 02.", in aviatie exista regula nescrisa "Never assume, always look around".

@OOVNI acela este un periscop, argentinienii se uita doar inainte, din cauza asta nu au observat UTair-ul.
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In statements to the online news portal The Siberian Times, the Russian plane’s co-pilot, Kirill Kuzmin, gives a similar account of the incident, confirming that controllers had apologized after the Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus taxied across the runway in such close proximity to the UTair plane.

“Before getting close to the runway we heard the air traffic controller's command allowing the Argentinians to cross the runway after we had landed. The Argentinians repeated the comment which meant that they heard and accepted it,” Kuzmin said.
“But then suddenly - and without a clear reason - the Argentinians got onto the runway just as our altitude was going below 100 metres […] The air traffic controller clearly got confused. He went silent.”

Deci argentinianul a comis-o.
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