Vueling Airlines vara 2013

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May 24, 2012
Oferta Vueling:
Fly to your favourite destination this spring.
Some sensations cannot be described. For instance, the feeling you get when you close your eyes while relaxing in the sun. Fly from just €29'99 and discover lots of other sensations at our Vueling destinations. Happy spring!
Domestic flights
Barcelona to Majorca
from €29'99
Barcelona to Menorca
from €29'99
Barcelona to Seville
from €29'99
Barcelona to Malaga
from €29'99
Barcelona to Gran Canaria
from €49'99
Barcelona to Ibiza
from €29'99

International flights
Barcelona to Paris
from €39'99
Barcelona to London
from €34'99 new
Barcelona to Marrakech
from €59'99 new
Barcelona to Catania
from €44'99 new
Seville to Amsterdam
from €39'99
Barcelona to Malta
from €39'99
*Minimum cost for a flight as at 23/02/2013, for departures as from 22/03/2013 and return flights up until 01/07/2013.