Wizzair to start Copenhagen to Arad and Debrecen in 2013

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Feb 22, 2012
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Source: http://nfo.nu/?p=130131
English Translation

Wizz Air noses at Kastrup
2012-11-29, 13:54

KASTRUP. It looks to be more routes and increased competition at Copenhagen Airport next year. Finnish-English Flybe invests in Danish domestic routes, while Hungarian Wizz Air could be about to open flights to Eastern Europe.

According to industry site epn.dk data are not confirmed by the airlines themselves, but there are industry-site check-in.dk who reports to Airport Coordination Denmark received inquiries on reserving called slots in the flight schedule.

Among the destinations that Flybe plans include Bornholm and Bromma, while Wizz Air aims for lines to Debrecen in Hungary and Arad in Romania, according epn.dk. Wizz Air currently flies from Sturup, but would thus according to the data now establish themselves also at Copenhagen airport.

News from the Sound have previously reported that SAS open ten new routes from Heathrow, including a direct flight to San Francisco. (NFO)
Well ... asking for slotsand even recieving them, doesn´t mean necessary the flights will be operated.

And for me, I am very sceptic a route CPH-ARW has real chances to be started.

Many times, airlines (from/in the deregulated UE-market) request slots for routes they don´t intend to open, but using them as a dummy for routes they don´t want to be known by competitors months before. After recieving the slots from the coordinator and just before making the official announcement, they change the destination.