Cimber Sterling (QI/CIM)

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Feb 13, 2012
Si anul acesta compania Cimber Sterling va efectua zboruri charter intre Danemarca si Romania.

QI 2491 CPH 11:45 - TGM 16:00
QI 2492 TGM 16:45 - CPH 19:00

Zborurile vor fi in fiecare sambata in perioada 28 aprilie - 29 septembrie 2012.
Unele zboruri vor fi CPH-TGM, iar altele vor fi cu escala la Billund (BLL/EKBI).
In fiecare an s-a zburat cu ATR 72-500, deci probabil ca tot ATR 72-500 va fi si anul acesta.

Se pot cumpara bilete de avion la pretul de 2795 dkk. (375 euro), direct de la Agentia de Turism care organizeaza aceste excursii in Romania.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Poate isi revine Cimber, intr-o forma sau alta.

Cimber says management, Mansvell to buy its activities
May 16 (Reuters) - Bankrupt Danish no-frills airline Cimber Sterling said on Wednesday it was to sell part of the company to former management and another part to former Ukrainian owner Mansvell.
The airline declared bankruptcy two weeks ago after turnaround efforts failed and its owners, including Kolomoisky's Cyprus-based Mansvell Enterprises Ltd, pulled financial support from the company.
The airline said the former management would acquire the airline part of the business and continue to run it under the Cimber name.
Mansvell would acquire Cimber Air Maintenance Center and Cimber Air Data, it said. (Reporting by Mette Fraende; Editing by Dan Lalor)
Sursa: reuters